System Maintenance

SJH are always here to help!

If you are in need of any telephone or internet maintenance we are always here to help! A key benefit is that SJH can perform maintenance outside office hours, plus some maintenance can be done remotely saving you time and money. If it is an emergency we are also able to assist as soon as possible.

Ongoing Support

Don’t make do with outdated equipment – it’s a false economy. When we upgrade your system, we provide a seamless ‘changeover’ that replaces the old with new technology – all with minimal disruption to your business. Productivity is enhanced and dramatic savings (on phone and internet bills) are quickly realised. If you have a system that needs ‘jumpering’, our qualified technicians will attend to it and have you up and running again.

Our team not only installs and activates new communications systems, we also provide a 24/7 on-call service. Even if the issue relates to communication technology from another provider, our Emergency call-out is at your service

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