Experiencing problems with old and outdated phone & Internet systems?

Phone & Connection Solutions with SJH

At SJH we can help! SJH can upgrade your replace your phone systems with the most advanced technology that will not only increase productivity in the workplace dramatically but save you money in the long term!

We can remove all of your old systems and cabling while upgrading your premise with minimal disruption. You can even request that can work be done after office hours for your convenience.

If your phone suffers from the following, contact us today:

  • Broken Handsets
  • Outdated appearance to clients
  • Crackly Lines
  • Slow speeds or constant interruptions
  • Limited call capacity
  • Business has expanded beyond current service limit

Have the Equipment but need a Telecommunications Technician?

If you have a new service that needs “jumpering” our qualified technicians will assist you efficiently to have you up and running in no time!
Maybe you’re not sure how to connect and set it up, no problem, our experienced technicians are here to help, over the phone or at site.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you apply for a new telephone or internet connection, your service provider needs to connect the wiring from the telephone exchange to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in your building or apartment complex. The connection on the incoming side or the MDF is called the ‘A’ side. The A side of the MDF is the property of the service provider or ISP.

If you live or work in a unit block, town house, apartment or complex and have just set up a new phone, ADSL or Naked DSL service then you will require MDF jumpering to get your new connection up and running.

Our qualified technicians are fully equipped with testing equipment to jumper your line and have your service running with minimal disruption.

If you are experiencing crackling telephone lines or slow ADSL speeds it could mean that your MDF is old, corroded or obsolete.

If you are wanting to upgrade your telephone systems the bonus is, it will also save you money on your bills!

SJH can provide an upgraded MDFsolution while minimising time spent offline. Our expert technicians will have all services continuing as normal in no time.

The Corrosion on the terminals poses a risk and reduces performance. Connections tend to become loose and there is a high risk of faults and disruptions to your service.

Wires can be easily pulled from the terminals by accident causing increased downtime and costly repair fees.

It also looks messy and cluttered compared to the new systems we install!

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