Small businesses are increasingly looking to CCTV technology solutions to improve their security.

CCTV Systems for small business

In the increasingly digital world we live in today, small businesses are increasingly looking to technology solutions to improve their security measures. Installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems of the most recent generation that are connected to the internet is one strategy that is rising in popularity. Even if there are a lot of reasons to take advantage of this development, it is necessary for smaller companies to weigh all of the potential benefits and drawbacks before making any financial commitments. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of installing internet-connected CCTV systems for small businesses.


Improved safety: Safety can be achieved through the use of internet-connected CCTV systems, which provide continuous monitoring and surveillance. This ensures that small businesses can protect their assets, ward off potential thieves, and limit the amount of theft that occurs at their locations. Access in real time to video feeds from any location via internet connectivity provides an additional layer of security and enables owners and managers to react quickly to any suspicious activity. This real-time footage can be accessed from your mobile phone.

Small business owners have a huge competitive edge if they are able to remotely monitor their establishments by accessing CCTV footage. Managers are able to maintain a watchful check on their firm from any location with internet access, regardless of whether they are abroad on business or taking time off for personal reasons. Because of this function, users can have more peace of mind and can respond more quickly to any problems that may arise.

Increased Deterrence:  The availability of CCTV systems that are connected to the internet serves as an effective deterrent against criminal activity. If a small business clearly displays surveillance cameras, then potential criminals are less inclined to target the establishment. The decreased likelihood of criminal activity has the potential to have a beneficial impact on the overall safety of the premises and to create an atmosphere that is safe for both the staff and the customers.

Evidence Gathering: In the unfortunate event that a security breach or incident occurs, internet-connected CCTV systems give evidence that can aid law enforcement in their investigations. This evidence can be quite helpful. The combination of high-quality film with internet access can make it easier to identify and prosecute criminals, which in turn can assist small businesses in their pursuit of justice and their recovery of financial damages.


The introduction of a potential cybersecurity risk in the form of an attack vector occurs whenever surveillance cameras are connected to the internet. Hackers might take advantage of security flaws to get unauthorised access to the system, which would put at risk not just the video footage but also the confidentiality of the company. In order to reduce the impact of these dangers, small firms need to establish comprehensive cybersecurity safeguards such as stringent password requirements, consistent software updates, and network segmentation.

Constraints Placed on Bandwidth The transmission of high-definition video streams over the internet calls for a substantial amount of bandwidth. It is possible for small businesses with limited internet connectivity to encounter network congestion and diminished performance, which can have an impact on other essential business operations. Before installing internet-connected CCTV systems, it is essential to perform a thorough assessment of the available bandwidth and network capacity.

Privacy Concerns Employees, customers, and passersby all have a right to be concerned about their privacy when it comes to internet-connected CCTV systems. To ensure the ethical use of acquired footage, businesses need to ensure that their surveillance rules are clearly communicated, that they get consent when it is required, and that they comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. If these issues are not addressed, it may be to the detriment of one’s reputation and may even result in legal repercussions.

The installation of internet-connected CCTV systems of the most recent generation provides various benefits to small businesses, including increased security, the ability to conduct remote monitoring, a reduction in the likelihood of criminal activity, and the collection of evidence. However, it is imperative to give serious consideration to the potential negatives, such as the risks associated with cybersecurity, the restrictions of bandwidth, the expense, the maintenance, and the concerns over privacy. When it comes to utilising internet-connected CCTV systems in a manner that is both secure and legal, proprietors of small businesses need to evaluate these considerations and put suitable precautions into place.

CCTV systems are getting increasingly more cost effective and small systems can be set up for as little as $1500 (of course every system is different and your costs may vary depending on your needs and your location) making this kind of equipment quite cost effective.

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