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Business Internet. Business NBN.

As NBN continues it’s plans to roll out 3.5million free Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)  upgrades, across Australia by 2025, Aussie businesses are looking forward to increased speed and better connectivity. However, until that date, many business internet connections are still reliant on Fibre to the Node (FTTN) or Fixed Wireless and these can hold a few issues that can occasionally disrupt business productivity and operations. In an increasingly interconnected world, reliable and fast business internet is vital. But there are solutions to remedy some of the challenges presented through NBN and this article examines the key issues of FTTN and Fixed Wireless connections and how these can be fixed with the right support from your current business internet provider. 

Unstable Connection and Downtime 

One of the main issues faced with business internet can be NBN line repairs or internet downtime. These outages can affect your businesses IP phone systems, computer applications the require internet connections & even your Eftpos machines. To address this problem, businesses can consider the following remedies:

  1. Implementing Redundant Internet Connections: By diversifying internet connectivity sources, such as utilizing multiple service providers or combining NBN with alternative technologies like fixed wireless or 4G/5G, businesses can ensure uninterrupted connectivity even in case of NBN outages.
  1. Investing in a “Mobile Back Up” option: Mobile Back Ups, such as our “NBN Plan B”, are an excellent tool for businesses experiencing frequent disruptions to their internet connection. These back up’s act like a back up power generator; activating when your business internet disconnects and provides a solid back up connection to keep your business operational online.
  1. Investing in a Cloud Based Phone System: As mentioned previously, business internet outages can affect IP phone systems, specifically premises based ones. A cloud based system can be used to divert calls, take messages and record call data at all times. Investing in a cloud based phone system will ensure that your business is still receiving calls in the event of an outage or downtime.

Inadequate Bandwidth and Slow Speeds 

Another challenge for business internet is insufficient bandwidth and slow internet speeds. This can halt essential business activities like video conferencing, file transfers, and cloud-based operations. There are a variety of remedies available to Aussie businesses, here are a few to consider:

  1. Upgrading to Higher-Speed NBN Plans: There is a chance that your business may be have a plan upgrade available based on your office building’s location. Your current provider should be able to inform you if cost effective upgrades are available and can also organise a transition to a better plan on your behalf. Your provider can also check if your business is eligible for the current free FTTP upgrade mentioned earlier in this article.
  1. Upgrading your current equipment: Your business NBN connection may be the best in your area, but if it does not have the proper equipment to support it, your speeds may be bottle-necked by outdated technologies. You can test you upload and download speed with browser applications like Ookla if you feel uncertain about contacting your provider.  It is recommended that you contact your provider if you are not achieving the speeds specified in your plan. If you are unhappy with their response, you can always consider a local provider, such as SJH, to provide a second opinion on your current internet speeds and recommend a solution.

Inadequate Customer Support and Communication

 The uncertainty and lack of contact ability with your current internet provider, in relation to your business NBN, can also be a problem for businesses. Often business owners are strapped for time and if the internet goes out, calling a provider and waiting for a response can be time consuming. This can add to the overall downtime and frustration for businesses when seeking assistance.

The remedy to this problem is to consider switching internet providers if you feel that you business is not being properly supported. Smaller to medium sized providers can still offer the same level of business NBN service, with the added bonus of being easier to contact in case of an emergency. Providers are also capable of contacting NBN regarding any outages, on your behalf, with out the hassle of doing it yourself.

Down to the fibre of the matter!

 Business internet and business NBN are great for the online operations of a business and by knowing where the short falls lie often makes it easier to resolve them.

The connectivity issues, mentioned in this article, are less likely to improve without the provision of proper equipment, care and maintenance by your business internet provider. By implementing remedies such as redundant internet connections, backup power solutions, higher-speed NBN plans and a provider that offers more reliable support, businesses can mitigate the adverse effects of most NBN related issues.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues in your business or you believe your internet is not as fast promised, consider calling SJH Communications on (02) 4044 2300 to organise a professional assessment of your business’s internet! We can also advise as to whether the location of you business is eligible for the free FTTP upgrade, so give us a call for a free quote today!

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