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Moving from your home state to start a new life and follow your career can seem like a daunting experience for most people. But not for our Damien, who has moved to sunny NSW from Victoria, and we are thankful he did. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with young Damien to find out more about him. The following will explore Damien’s passion for ICT, customer service, his interesting hobbies, and what experience he brings to our team!

Damien walked into the SJH office in January, and his passion and enthusiasm for ICT was immediately identified by our MD Shane. Damien is a recent university student, graduating with Honours at RMIT, in Melbourne in 2022. Since graduating, he has been keen to start a career in ICT, helping businesses with their internet and phone systems. When he first applied for the position at SJH, he says “I was really determined to get the role as I really like working with small businesses, and the (SJH) office was really nice and welcoming”.

Damien possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer and Networking, Honours) along with two extra accreditations: an Advanced Diploma in Computer System Engineering and a Cert II Telecommunications. Damien’s impressive educational background has been a boon to our team and has enhanced the already stellar service quality the SJH team provides to it’s business clients. Damien has a keen eye for detail when installing phone systems and setting up business internet, leaving little room for errors, and has been going above and beyond for our clientele. Moreover, From his education, Damien has a deep understanding of Telecommunication industry standards and expectations, constantly kicking goals and performing at levels that even impress his boss. We asked Damien “What has stood out for him in working for SJH so far?”

“I really prefer working with smaller businesses (like SJH) that take that extra time to help customers and give them the service that they deserve… A lot of the SJH clients are really friendly and I get a bit of a kick out of providing the best result possible for them!”

 Damien’s strong work ethic and careful approach to work have been evident in some of the positive feedback we have received from our recent customers, who have been left impressed by his thorough approach to installations and exceptional customer service.

 Telecommunications Expert by Day, Circuitry Enthusiast at Night

 When he is not impressing our SJH customers with his attention to detail and great customer service, Damien is an avid PC gamer and Tech hobbyist:

“I do a decent amount of gaming, PC and Console. I also like building circuits and electric engineering, I’m currently working on converting a laptop screen into a monitor, experimenting as a hobby. I also like programming, mainly in Java and C++.”

 Damien plans to create a workshop at his home to further perfect his electric engineering skills, and the team at SJH look forward to supporting him with this project and seeing the final product!

If someone like Damien sounds like the ideal worker, SJH have an entire team of ICT experts keen to set up your business internet and phone systems. Give us a call today on (02) 4044 2300 for an obligation free quote TODAY!!

SJH are the NBN and communications experts in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

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