Tomorrow’s businesses are steaming ahead today.  A VoIP Phone system can supercharge yours.

Voip Empowers Business

In today’s competitive environment, business owners are required to constantly keep abreast of rapidly changing business tools as well as keep a lid on expenses – all while continuing to gain new customers on a daily basis.

While many businesses large and small have legacy business phone systems that seemingly are not broken, the real cost of an old system can be far more than an owner realises.

Customers today demand instant satisfaction and high levels of communication. Is your system reliant on people, hardware, software, and tech support when things go wrong? If you answered “yes”, then you are among the majority. If you answered “no, we have a VoIP system” then you are maximising your phone and internet system ROI already.

Details of acquiring a VoIP Business system are available elsewhere on our website here. For now though consider the 5 ways a VoIP system can supercharge your business.

Operation Benefits

A VoIP system of phone and internet makes your whole operation more agile. Unlike a tradition box and wires system, a VoIP system allows your team to move around, adjust and be contactable at all times. Calls can be forwarded and moving a staff member’s phone does not need any techs to visit and charge you for the adjustment.

The flexibility of a cloud based system like VoIP means teams can be agile in their location and grouping without any interruption to customer access, phone call recording, call forwarding, conferencing.

Branding and Communications

In the era of instant customer feedback like Google reviews and social media, its is essential to ensure the experience of every customer is positive. Communication plays a big role in this. If a customer cannot reach their contact easily within your organisation, their patience wears this.

On the other hand, when a customer reaches a contact quickly via phone, email or even zoom they can have a positive experience. Very few things annoy ca customer more than getting lost in a phone system that is having issues or worse – reaching the wrong person.

VoIP gives your business the opportunity to appear modern, in control and at the top of its game at all times.

HR is critical – don’t blow it

As business around the world rapidly becomes global, employees are looking for employers that will increase their efficiency, skills and quality of life. Their opportunities for employment are varied and many so they will be influenced by the systems at their place of employment.

No employee wants to join a company that has niggly problems with their communications or internet systems as these are the lifeblood of commerce.

A VoIP business system means your company can occur as agile, competent and cutting edge for new employees. It also means they can work from home (WFH) with seamless connection to both their colleagues and their customers and prospects.

Staff retention is becoming critical for businesses wanting to grow and an effective phone and internet system that gives them access to the lates communications tools will go a long way to keeping your staff excited, motivated and happy.

The Bottom line

Unlike old systems, a VoIP business system is highly cost effective to acquire. Even mid to large sized businesses can be set up very easily with minimal hardware required and highly cost-effective management costs. Best of all, a VoIP system minimises downtime.

If things go wrong, rectification is never a large job. If you use a committed, local supplier like SJH Communications, there is never a need for shutdowns or worse, weeks without communication systems. Technicians often don’t even need to visit your premises.

One of the best parts of VoIP systems is how easily they can be scaled up – so growth in your business is never a problem.

Training is the future of every business

Every business will be heavily engaged in training now and into the future. Keeping team members at the top of their game as well as retraining and upskilling personnel has never been more important. This challenge is only made harder with the new trends of working from home.

An effective VoIP business system means team members can attend training wherever they are and often whenever they need to. Conferencing, online video like zoom etc are all made possible as well as internal (intranet) systems mean your team can have access to your seniors and any training systems they need to stay strong.

Tomorrow’s businesses are steaming ahead today.  Amid all the tech stacks and the shifting sands of consumer expectations lies an inconspicuous technology that many businesses have not embraced. Taking a hard look at the business phone system can quickly leverage other strategic parts of a business and improve the bottom line while feeding growth.

To discuss what’s possible in your organisation, contact us here at SJH Communications, your local internet and communications team here or phone 02 4044 2300. Not just technicians, we’re your partners in business growth.

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