Many businesses have put up with slow or interrupted NBN speeds. We can help.

Faster Business NBNt

When the NBN was rolled out in Australia, the process was anything but simple. Both sides of government stumbled through the process of rollout and while coverage achieved was impressive (and should be applauded), many businesses in our region were left with far from ideal bandwidth.

Over the years since, lots of work has been done by the NBN and businesses now have more options. The problem is, like the frog in a slowly heating pot of water, we have learned to accept what we had and not complain. We’ve become accustomed.

A New Hope

If your business is in the Thornton, Cessnock, Rutherford of Maitland areas, as well as many areas in the Greater Newcastle region, help has arrived.

SJH Communications can now offer free connection to faster broadband when you sign up for an enterprise pack.

Many business phone systems work just fine on the current set up but when it comes to business internet and cloud based business phone systems, slow speeds and intermittent outages have been something they just had to out up with.

In some cases it has meant those businesses have fallen behind competitors as upgrading to better business phones systems, 3CX and high speed broadband seemed like a waste of money.

Falling behind in your communications tech may seem like something you can afford but as the IoT (internet of things) continues to fuel disruptive technologies, being behind is now costing reputation as well as valuable downtime.

Being at the front of the pack when it comes to your tech stack, internet speeds and flexible communication systems is becoming a must.

If your business has been held back for the past few years due to the NBN having limitations in your street or suburb, there may well be something we can do to help now.

Contact SJH Communications today and we can immediately tell you if your area qualifies with the new grid upgrades. It may be just the right time to make that vital improvement to your Business NBN and business phone systems. While you are at it, let us have a look at what savings we can generate for you with your Voip Phone system, CCTV systems and mobile packages regardless of where you are in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley.

So if your business feels the Need for Speed, then its time to be the Top Gun in your market and let SJH Communications be your internet and business NBN wingman.

Call now on 4044 2303 or via our Contact form here.


SJH are the NBN and communications experts in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

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