If you are over getting the runaround from your old telco, SJH is the answer.

The telco that cares

In almost any industry there is a large market share leader or two – and in telecommunications it is not different. Telstra and Optus have long been the “Incumbent” providers of residential and business phone systems.

But seldom is there such antipathy towards the larger brands as in the telephone and internet services sector as there is to the big companies.

The internet and telephone services sector in Australia suffers from a syndrome where the incumbents are too large and for a long time consumers have had little choice with perhaps the exception of the mobile product space.

Unfortunately the result of two large unchallenged incumbents is that they have, for years, focussed on returns for their shareholders by increasing bottom-line efficiencies. This has made them lethargic and unhelpful when it comes to customer service.

Times have changed – faster service is available by avoiding the traditional market leaders.

The roll-out of the national broadband network or nbn brought about structural change in the industry and, believe it or not, local residents and regional businesses are in the box seat when it comes to phone systems.

Residents and business clients now have a much larger choice of internet and telecom suppliers and this is putting power back in the hands of the consumer.

Smaller, more agile telco companies are starting to gain market share and SJH Communications is one of them.

Our sales team have an in-joke – that when they hear a prospective customer say “So I don’t have to talk to Telstra any more”, they are 90% sure we are about to win another customer.

While criticising Testra is an approach we train our personnel to avoid, it is a great thing that consumers can now demand better telephone services and internet services and get them.

A dangerous habit for any supply based business to fall into is taking its customers for granted. And large, unchallenged organisations are prone to it. They also find it increasingly difficult to remain customer focused and as such fall out of touch with the problems their own systems cause for their customers.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to get an answer out of your telco on the phone? Have you ever bee expected to spend sometimes hours on-hold before someone speaks to you about a problem with your service?

We love the fact that we can help

We hear these stories literally every day. And we love the fact that we can help; often within seconds over the phone and at the very least we can begin to help frustrated telephone customers, nbn customers and nbn business customers get what they need within hours.

If you have a business phone system, residential phone system, VOiP system, today’s world requires it to work all the time. And if it doesn’t for some reason, you need it fixed fast. If you are moving premises or starting up a business, you need a supplier that supports your business with understanding and a sense of urgency.

SJH Communications has the pleasure of being able to set clients up with an nbn connection, nbn phone, nbn business phone system, wifi network, satellite phone system and even mobile sim package often within hours. We pride ourselves on customer service and have several awards for being popular with our customers.

If you would like to “never have to deal with Telstra again”, we can help and we can keep helping.

Solutions we provide include:

  • NBN telephone systems
  • Phone systems for Business
  • VOiP Phone solutions
  • Internet Connections
  • Modems and Wifi networks
  • CCTV and Security solutions
  • Satellite Phone Systems
  • Increasing internet speeds and reliability

Feel free to check out our many customer reviews here or Fill in this form or phone us on 4044 2303 and one of our local team will listen to your needs (and yes we are sympathetic to those that need to vent a little frustration) and provide you with a solution that means you never have to be treated like a number.




SJH are the NBN and communications experts in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

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