Cloud based phone systems have taken off in recent years. Can they save you money?

Review Your BUisness Phone System and save

SJH Communications has grown quickly in Newcastle, Maitland, and the Lower Hunter over the last 5 years. As the feisty local telco that cares, our business has grown quickly largely based on the level of support and service we deliver to our business clients.

Accredited NBN AdviserA feature of our relationships with our business market in Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock and Singleton is the care we take not just with our customers business phone systems but also with their business. Its why we ask a lot of businesses about their current set ups and more often than not we get one of two answers. One is that their old phones system is working fine and therefore there is no need to spend money on a new one. The second is that they have recently upgraded to an NBN phone system or cloud system and are therefore fine.

In 8 out of 10 conversations, regardless of which answer, we find there are still significant savings to be had by reviewing the current set up. With all clients surprised at the wastage and risk built in to their current system setups.

“If it ain’t broke….”

Despite at least a decade of full swing digital transformation messaging, see many businesses holding on to older, Pabx phone systems in their businesses. When asked about why they haven’t upgraded, the gist of many answers is a version of the old “If it ain’t broke, why fix it”. Even in recent times, the phone system in many businesses is seen as an unavoidable expense. After all – everyone needs a phone on their desk right?

But the plain truth is that now we are in the age of the IoT (Internet of things), both consumer expectations and workplace set-ups have been radically changed. Cloud based phone systems are becoming a necessity for any competitive business. Non cloud systems just don’t work in a fast paced, flexible workplace.

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We have a shiny new system

Many organisations have moved already to a cloud based or NBN phone system. The rapid roll out of the NBN in the early part of this 21st century in Australia was widely publicised and many businesses we not given a choice but to look into a new system. Most turned too and trusted the big telco brands for their lines, bundles and often their telecommunication systems. Today, as the market gets more competitive, the plans and prices offered are so outdated they could be considered price gouging.

Here are Four ways you could save significant money just by reviewing your business phone systems – even if he one you have is less than a few years old. Of course your system may be perfect, and may be optimised and competitive. It does happen. But in an environment where inflation is rising and continuity of service is getting harder to maintain, we are finding most organisations have much to gain.

Review your phone system hardware.

What is possible today, with a cloud based system, is amazing. What is more, the days of technicians being required to expand the number or location of phones in an office are now over. If your current supplier of either data or system is still required to attend your premises to add or move phones, you are paying too much. A quick call to your supplier can have new handsets on their way and the changes made before you plug the new phones in. The labour component of support and service is diminishing quickly. With the limitations of physical distance and time reduced, a good telco can and should be able to service most changes quickly and cost effectively.

Review Your Phone and Data costs

The telecommunications industry has undergone some significant changes of late. No longer are you tied to one of the three major telco brands. With increased competition, many businesses who don’t review their phone costs regularly (at least ask for a second opinion) end up paying much more than they have to. Some do so consciously in the mistaken opinion that being with the larger brand equals some sort of safety or security.

In over 80% of the business clients we have reviewed, we have been able to save them thousands on their phone and data plans.

Streamline your tech stacks

Business communications is a lot more sophisticated today than in the past. Two major changes have been: what customer expect of your company by way of communications and what your employed team need to continue working effectively with rapidly changing work situations. In short business needs have grown beyond phone calls and an internet connection. To remain competitive your communications system needs additional features such as Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Video Conferencing, integrated off site call forwarding and even mobile system integration.

Next Generation business phone systems allow for all of these features and often getting the right one means all of these features are easily supported by one supplier and one system. When this is reviewed, companies often get to offload several of the cumbersome and costly tech platforms they may have accumulated individually in the past.

Review the risk profile of your current set up

Often overlooked by companies when they are upgrading their phone systems is the cost of down time. Getting connected is one thing. Staying connected is far more critical for a business than say a residential phone. With any national network of phones, there are inevitably breaks in service. Sometimes a large issue, sometimes a minor one. It is often overlooked however, what are the processes and procedures to keep your business connected when these happen.

SJH Communications was one of the first local telco’s to start planning for this on behalf of every business client. Downtime on your phone and data can cost businesses enormous amounts of goodwill and hard-earned brand equity as well as the lost lead opportunities for every day they have no data or phones. In order that we deliver on our promise of better service to businesses, from Newcastle to Maitland, Cessnock to Singleton, we were the first company to introduce a Plan-B kit to every business system.

Our Plan-B for businesses has saved our customers on countless occasions from being left hanging when lines or networks are interrupted. In fact we say this little product addition has actually saved our clients more money than the data bundles and connection systems we sell them.

Why review NOW?

We are currently inviting Businesses in Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Pokolbin, Singleton and Port Stephens a unique and easy opportunity. Give us a call and answer a few questions as part of our offer to review your telecommunication system and if we cannot find you immediate savings or risk management improvements without extra costs, we will reward you with Two free cinema tickets to your nearest Cinema. Its a quick reward for your diligence.

Of course we believe strongly that a review of your system will find that we can simply save you up to thousands of dollars on your current set up.

Call 4044 2303 and ask for the “Review My Setup” meeting and the rewards start coming. At SJH Communications we pride ourselves on helping our customer Do Business Better. Try us now. What have you got to lose?

Business Phone co makes National award finalsSJH Communications is 5 years old and one of the Hunter Valleys shining lights in small business success. We are a fully accredited NBN Service providers and recently listed as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards. Our MD also won Business Leader of the year in the Hunter Regional Business Awards in March 22.

SJH are the NBN and communications experts in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

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